Thank you for considering Shelly Scientific as a partner in your project!  Our team of scientists, designers, engineers and skillful craftsmen can turn your idea into reality.  Shelly services range from modifying commercially available equipment to developing a full working model of a new machine. Thanks to our wide combined expertise, we are able to tackle projects of various complexities.

We look forward to being a part of your next project!

How We Do It

After receiving your inquiry, we will contact you with some questions. Your answers will help us better understand the scope and complexity of the project. The next stage is preparing a short, one page proposal outlining how we intend to realize your idea. It will include costs and estimated time-frame. Upon your request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Time-frame is sometimes difficult to estimate accurately as there might be changes required per client’s request or due to technical or regulatory issues.

Clients are welcome to send us changes to their original concept, but modifications to the project are more feasible at the design and planning stage rather than the production stage. Once the production stage is reached, changes can be costly and may impact projected time-line significantly.

We collaborate and source materials world-wide. If the project requires installation at your location, but sending a technician is not practical, we will collaborate with a local company that is capable of finalizing your project.

Here is a general flowchart of a typical project

flow chart


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Case Study

In September 2014 a company called Equipos Industriales from Honduras (equiposindustriales.hn) inquired about custom light fixtures. Their representative was supposed to source them for the city mall in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The mall was under construction and the grand opening was scheduled for May 2015. They were having hard time finding 10-meter large light fixtures. The companies they contacted before informed them that the weight of the unit would be way too large and the cost was over their budget, so they were looking for a solution within the budget fast. The most challenging part of this rush project is that they needed 21 units!

We produced a short proposal free of charge and suggested to do the project in three stages to minimize risk for both parties and build trust as project progressed:

  1. Producing a 1:10 working scale model
  2. Producing one full size unit
  3. Producing the remaining 20 units

In addition we proposed to make the fixtures in such way to reflect each of 7 provinces of Costa Rica, therefore making seven sets of three identical units.  We proposed aluminum construction with aluminum plexiglas composit canopy to reduce the weight. As the project was big, the payment plan followed each stage.  We estimated the cost of one unit at $14,000.

Our contact Gaberiela Alvarado said that her superiors liked the idea very much, but expressed her doubts about working with a distant company. Since there was time pressure for this project we had already prepared a longer proposal based on provided construction details of the ceiling and decided to send it free of charge as a sign of good faith. We produced several ideas for the canopy. One idea has yellow details that represent mangoes grown in the area.

This is a snapshot of some details from the proposal


After we had released the proposal, we have not heard from Gabriela. We followed up and got the response that the project was awarded to someone else.

The mall was completed next year and the light fixture was installed. The image below belongs to BEAME Artchitectural Partnership (http://bapdesign.com)



Shelly Scientific is happy to provide only documentation if you prefer to work with a company that will carry out manufacturing and installation. However, we will not assume the risk of devising a full plan for the client, before the client has committed to working with us.


If possible, please use the email associated with your business.