How We Do It

After receiving your inquiry, we will contact you with some questions. Your answers will help us better understand the scope and complexity of the project. The next stage is preparing a short, one page proposal outlining how we intend to realize your idea. It will include costs and estimated time-frame. Upon your request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Time-frame is sometimes difficult to estimate accurately as there might be changes required per client’s request or due to technical or regulatory issues.

Clients are welcome to send us changes to their original concept, but modifications to the project are more feasible at the design and planning stage rather than the production stage. Once the production stage is reached, changes can be costly and may impact projected time-line significantly.

We collaborate and source materials world-wide. If the project requires installation at your location, but sending a technician is not practical, we will collaborate with a local company that is capable of finalizing your project.

Here is a general flowchart of a typical project

flow chart