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Shelly Scientific is a Canadian manufacturer of laminar flow hoods and process equipment. Our team of scientists, designers, engineers and skillful craftsmen turn your idea into reality.  Shelly services range from modifying commercially available equipment to developing a full working model of a new machine. Thanks to our wide combined expertise, we are able to tackle projects of various complexities.


We provide clean air solutions to both small clinics preparing IV therapy to large facilities that need more powerful filtration systems. Our benchtop laminar flow hoods are ideal for clinic with limited space. Depending on the volume of your work you our hoods range from the smallest model with the footprint of 270mm*470mm that is enough to hang about five IV bags to a larger benchtop model of 700mm*500mm. We can build custom hood based on the space you have available. 

Proudly Canadian

To our knowledge as of 2019 we are the only manufacturer of laminar flow hoods in Canada. If you know of someone else, please let us know.  The hoods usually come from China or to a much lesser extent, from the US.  Once they reach Canadian customers, the prices are many times over the original cost. Although there is nothing wrong about importing quality equipment from abroad, not many customers know that Canada has one of the strictest electrical safety codes in the world, yet China has no electrical code and the US has lower requirements in terms of electrical safety.

Therefore, if you buy a Chinese or American-made equipment that works just fine, you are still not legally allowed to use it at your place of business unless you have it approved by Electrical Safety Authority and pay a fee of $450 per inspector’s visit. Chinese manufacturers will not tell you this, US manufactures will not tell you this. Buying from a Canadian vendor? Ask to see the electrical safety certificate first. 

Custom Laminar Flow Hood

You can order a custom size laminar flow hood from us. We can produce a hood that fits the space you have available. Feel free to inquire if you think that our standards models do not fit your needs. Do not worry if you are not a 100% sure what kind of a machine you need in your line of work. Once we start communicating ideas, it will be clear what may be the best cost effective solution. We will prepare a short, one page proposal and a drawing outlining how we intend to realize your idea. It will include costs and estimated time-frame. If you prefer to sign a non-disclosure agreement that is fine as well.

custom laminar flow hood
custom laminar flow hood workflow diagram
What determines the cost?

There are several factors that greatly affect the cost of a custom laminar flow hood. Some things to keep in mind are the size of the filter, speed and the level of comfort. In general, the bigger the filter, the larger the cost. This is because more air needs to pass through a larger area in order to achieve the same speed.  When we need to push more air through a larger filter we need to install a more powerful blower.  However, we have managed to achieve very low noise levels in our latest models. If you have a reference hood we will be happy to demonstrate the difference in noise between Shelly hoods and others.

What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal laminar flow hood?

The difference between a horizontal laminar flow hood and a vertical model is in the location of the filter. In the vertical model, the clean air is blowing down, while in the horizontal model, the air is flowing toward your body. You can choose between the models based on the space you have available and also whether you plan to work primarily with liquids. Vertical flow hood takes less footprint on the bench and having the filter on the top, it is less likely that you will spill any liquid on the filter.

What determines filtration efficiency?

Filtration efficiency is determined by the grade of a filter. You can learn more about filtration efficiency here. We can produce the machines with either H13 or H14 filter.

Why is testing done?

This is the most confusing thing that new hood owners face. There is so much info that a novice is lead to believe that spending more money is directly proportional to more “safety”. You can test your machine to check the efficiency of the HEPA filter and also air flow speed. The regulatory body of a professional organization can choose which recommended standard their membership should follow and how often they should test the hood.

HEPA testing is a lucrative business and therefore building a large client base that will ask for frequent testing is great way for a company to generate revenue while spending no materials and investing minimal effort. Sometimes a testing company has a conflict of interest because they also sell laminar flow hoods. They will usually find problems with other manufacturer’s hoods, but luckily they conveniently sell a more expensive machine and recommend frequent filter change. In reality, they just import a Chinese made machine and sell it to you at an inflated price. Have questions or concerns? Contact us!

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