Class II Biosafety Cabinet – Large

The large Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet is primarily used for manipulation of biohazardous material or preparation of chemotherapy. Two HEPA filters retain particles of 0.3 um size with 99.999% efficiency. During normal operation it recirculates 70% of air therefore it requires venting as all biosafety cabinets. It features a large LCD display, remote control and power window for one hand operation.

The base model is built with no water/gas taps and no electrical outlets. If you need these features they can be installed upon request. The unit can be placed on a sturdy bench or rest on a custom stand with wheels.

(Grab and hold for 360 degree view)


External Dimensions (W*D*H) in mm 1600*780*2270
Internal Dimensions (W*D*H) in mm 1200*600*600
Airflow Velocity ft/min 40 – 110
Materials: Steel, Plexiglass
Power Consumption 500 W
Weight 600 lbs