Flow Hood Mini

Mini flow hood is a perfect entry level hood both price wise and price/value wise.  It was designed in such way to provide savings in multiple ways, as new owners are rarely aware of the cost associated with owning a flow hood.

(Grab and hold for 360 degree view)

Flow hood MINI is electrically certified for use in Canada.

Canadian electrical safety standard is among the highest in the world. It is higher than the US or EU standards.  This particular requirement is the reason why most foreign-built machines cost more in Canada than in their country of origin. The safety marks recognized in Canada are CSA, cUL, TUV and ESA. If a device does not have one of those marks, then the cost associated with certification of your imported machine is not worth the effort for devices that cost less than $3,000-4,000 CAD.  Compliance is mandatory as there is a national law regarding this issue. The fine is $50,000 for individuals to $5,000,000 for incorporated businesses.  You can read more about this here:


Minimal Ongoing maintenance cost

The biggest ongoing costs to a flow hood owner is filter change and HEPA certification.  Our device has a large HEPA filter that is maintenance-free for many years to come.  A general rule is:  the smaller the filter – the faster it needs to be replaced.

With average use 20 hours per week,  our filter will easily least over 2 years.  Most small clinics use the machine less than that, so in most cases the filter will last full 5 years!

Savings does not come only from not buying a new filter, but also from HEPA certification frequently required by regulatory bodies that needs to be done after each filter change.  Flow hoods are certified regularly by specialized companies upon request of the owner or the regulatory body for that particular branch of  professionals.

If your regulatory body requires HEPA certification only upon filter change, you will save $1500 before you need a new filter.


User comfort is important to us.  Being a horizontal flow hood, this machine provides room as if it was a much bigger vertical flow device.

Sturdy construction

Flow Hood Mini is made out of steel and tempered glass. It is built to last.


External Dimensions (W*D*H) in mm : 700*610*580
Internal Dimensions (W*D*H) in mm : 670*440*410
Power Consumption 150W
Weight 90 lbs


Electrical Safety Certificate
HEPA certificate

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